Academic Head of Department

Objectives overview:

The Academic Head of Department seeks to promote and guarantee Magis (the challenge to strive for more) to help faculty reach their full potential in all their duties, such as research, and liaison/dissemination processes for professional development. Steadfast communication and partnership among the Interdisciplinary Research Teams, Academic Support Coordinators, Editorial Board, and Student Services enable us to keep vigilant in an effort to preserve academic excellence, as one of our pillars in Jesuit Education.

This objective is evident in areas such as, spiritual accompaniment available to staff members, professional development, journal editorial revisions, research encouragement, liaison between our school and the society in order to substantiate quality education and sustained improvement of the curricula, in accordance with our Institutional Education Project.

As head of the Reflection and Research Center, the Academic Direction encourages the development of Institutional Education Project, which fosters the exercise of a set of moral values, academic standards, philosophical concepts, attitudes and actions that are trademarks of our Jesuit tradition.


This department:
• supervises the school sections and the school research teams to ensure high quality education, with an emphasis on the integral formation of the person, based on the ideals of the Jesuit Model of Education.
• designs and monitors the core-curriculum, as it encourages rigorous adherence to the teaching-learning processes, in order to achieve excellence.
• supervises the organization, operation and careful reflection of the Continuum Scope, as an instrument whose purpose is to enforce a cross- curricular, as well as a vertical articulation approach to teaching.
• monitors that the conclusions stemming from research may indeed produce changes in instructional practice.
• monitors the Teaching Performance Assessment administered annually, to determine remedial strategies and improvement methods to increase the qualifications of the faculty, as stated in the Programa de Gestión Educativa del Instituto Cultural Tampico.( Education Management Program).
• designs the ongoing program of professional development, to ensure teacher effectiveness in the classroom.
• establishes the course of action needed, in order to comply with the agreements derived from the meetings known as Homólogos Académicos ( Academic Fellowship), enabling operational improvement and productiveness of the Jesuit School Network.


Total trust is granted to this center, the members of which participate, cooperate, analyze, reflect, and engage in collaborative decision-making concerning education. This committee fosters the establishment of a Professional Learning Community for the benefit of the society in general and our school in particular.

The committee is formed by:

  1. Academic Departments of the four sections of the school
  2. Academic Support Coordinations
  3. Senior Library and Junior Library
  4. Science Laboratory
  5. Educational Technology and Multimedia
  6. Editorial Board
  7. Student Services