Natural Sciences Lab

Our facilities are equipped and furnished to meet tour students’ needs for scientific instruction and hands-on experiences. It promotes learning and helps awaken students’ curiosity and keen interest in Science.

The lab design contributes to enhance the learning experience: It enables the students and Teachers to grow together, as they transfer the acquired knowledge from within the lab to their daily life experiences. They learn to acquire concepts (Knowing), develop procedures (Doing), and practice social skills (Being). In conclusion, our lab provides an ideal atmosphere to apply scientific principles.

The objectives of the Natural Sciences Lab are:

  • To develop skills associated with the scientific method, in order to understand and interpret the natural laws of the universe. The programs are adapted to the students’ age group (from Pre School to High School) so the learning experience is both suitable and challenging.
  • To use the Natural Science labs as the backbone of the instructional practices of the Department of Natural Sciences.
  • To provide professional assistance and services to the learners, through the adequate use of the laboratory resources and basic lab equipment.

Continuum Scope:

It is an educational system in which our way of proceeding is apparent in a sequential and interlocked fashion in the various sections that form our school (Nursery School, Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Higher Education. The purpose of this educational system is that there is a steady progression in the acquisition of the values and principles we teach (Common Educational Framework of the Society of Jesus in Latin American)

Science Lab forms

  1. Reagent inventory
  2. Lab Supplies inventory
  3. Material ,equipment and reagent request form
  4. Good lab practice form
  5. Good lab practice guidelines
  6. Lab practice log
  7. Lab Practice guidelines

Management of waste (Civil Protection Law)

Rules, Regulations and Procedures in the Science Lab Handbook