About Us

We are a proud Ignatian institution where Jesuit priests, faculty, alumni, volunteer lay men and women, and parents, collaborate in the construction of a better community. We use knowledge to analyze and discuss, in an orderly fashion, the problems that we all face in today’s society. Through Science and Humanities, we do our best to contribute to the improvement of education, namely quality and effectiveness.

Instituto Cultural Tampico is an apostolic medium of the Society of Jesus, which is deeply rooted in the principles and conventions of the Christian tradition. We are strongly committed to the society in which we are immersed, and we conduct ourselves in the Ignatian Way and Spirituality.

Our main concern is to provide well rounded education characterized by high quality interaction between students and teachers, where critical thinking skills and eloquent use of language are encouraged; as we believe that these will empower students to ask questions about ethical and moral issues, thereupon derive insight and make changes. Our institution offers all levels of education: Nursery School, Pre-School, Preschool, Primary School, Middle School and High School.

We are a Jesuit school marked by the values upon which we base our customs and aspirations. These shape our relationships with others and direct our educational objectives which in turn nourish our Ignatian spirituality. In other words, our school not only helps develop individuals that are academically competent, but also strong in character, body and spirit.