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After the restoration of the Society of Jesus in 1814 by Pope Pius VII, the Jesuits return to Mexico. However, due to the country’s political unrest at the time, they had to spread across the country.

By the year 1940, Mexico regains stability and with it, there is a change of attitude towards the church on the part of the presidents. Ávila Camacho set an example of respect and non intervention in church affairs.
In the midst of such favorable conditions for the church in general and for the Society of Jesus in particular, the first formal petitions were sent to the Jesuits requesting them to found a new school in Tampico. This took place after the establishment of the Society of Jesus Northern Province in Mexico in 1958.

A group of families in Tampico motivated by the need of a catholic institution, where their sons could continue their studies after completing their primary education, sought help from religious congregations, among which was the Society of Jesus.

1962-Roble Street and Chairel Avenue
1966-Av. Universidad 904 de la Colonia Lindavista

After several years, and thanks to the great effort of a group of women and their husbands, as well as the cooperation, good advice and encouragement of Father Federico Chávez Peón, S.J, the long-sought dream was accomplished. Certainly the endeavor was easier with the intervention of philanthropists, who alongside Father Lawrence O’Neil, then visiting the provinces in Mexico, obtained permission from Rome to build a school in Tampico.

The news caused great joy in our community, thus it was decided that the school would open its doors in September 1962, in the city of Tampico, Tamaulipas, provisionally at the building located at the corner of Roble Street and Chairel Avenue. The school was named Instituto Cultural Tampico and its patron since then has been San Luis Gonzaga. The school motto is: Duc in altum, a Latin phrase meaning “Go into the deep”, which was proved to be very suitable for a school in a city bordering the sea.

Having accomplished the objectives promised to Father O’Neil, the solemn blessing and inauguration of the new school took place on September 11, 1966. The new address being 904 Avenida Universidad, Colonia LIndavista, in Tampico. The school year 1966-1967 officially started offering three grades of middle school and two grades of high school.

In order to meet the ever-growing demand of Jesuit Education, as well as the significant growth in the southern side of the state of Tamaulipas, plans are made to start the Primary division, and so it came to pass that on July 2, 1944, a new building was added to the campus. In our commitment to excellence, four years later, in the year 1998, Pre-school was inaugurated.

Currently, the Instituto Cultural Tampico encompasses the sections of Nursery School, Pre-School, Primary, Middle and High Schools, offering the best quality education, and preparing students to become global citizens.