Mission and Vision


Instituto Cultural Tampico, a member of the Jesuit School Network, whose prime mission is to form young men and women who may develop into free, competent, conscientious, compassionate, creative and committed human beings. Jesuit education focuses on the development of the whole person, both academically and spiritually, and embraces the ideal of collaborating in the construction of a more just society.


We seek to provide an education that promotes social justice, peace and reconciliation by helping to form men and women with a responsible sense of leadership, who can transcend as they follow through with a life project based on a Christian social conscience that can cope with the challenges of today’s world.


At the Instituto Cultural Tampico, our education is based on the evangelical values in order to respond to the challenges of today’s context. Our core values nourish our pupils’ spirituality, determine our customs and ideals, model the quality of our relationships within our community, and establish our educational objectives.

Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Society of Jesus, the Magis is our central value. It guides our way of proceeding, and encompasses a constant discernment. Likewise, it enables us to be and give our best in the construction of the Kingdom of Heaven

We promote:

Love, in a self-absorbed and uncaring world. Love as an act of complete surrender, A steadfast life of service.

Justice, in spite of a myriad forms of injustice and exclusion. A constant pursuit of the common good, and inalienable respect for human dignity.

Peace, to curb violence. We seek to be instruments of love and reconciliation. Men and women who trust one another and who are willing to coexist in harmony.  

Honesty, in a world of corruption. A perpetual pursuit of truth. Be responsible men and women who can positively influence others by conducting themselves in the utmost ethical demeanor. 

Solidarity, in opposition to self-centeredness and competitiveness. Seek leadership in action which results in helping others, especially the poor and the needy.

Sobriety, in a consumption-oriented society. We earnestly seek detachment from earthly things; we live by the Ignatian principle of indifference, based on the desire to make use of created things only insofar as they help us to attain our eternal destiny.

Contemplation and Altruism, in opposition to pragmatism and utilitarism. To pray in an active way with engaged mind and heart. To find God in all things, and acknowledge his infinite power, while we respond with unlimited generosity for the undeserved gifts and grace granted to us, expecting no reward.

Forgiveness and reconciliation, in the midst of a wounded and fragmented society. We must engage in joint effort to build strong ties that help restore hope in a darkened world.