What is MUNICT?

Model United Nations Instituto Cultural Tampico (MUNICT) grants high school students an opportunity to immerse themselves into international diplomacy by assuming the role of a UN delegate who debates about current world issues to foster solutions.

Leadership, public speaking skills, effective communication, empathy, and a wide perspective of common global scenarios are some of the by-products obtained by those participating in MUNICT.


Just like in the United Nations, various tasks pertaining to the operability of MUNICT are carried out by the Secretariat, a group of students who have been actively committed and taking part in this academic endeavor for several years.

Upcoming Events


1st Workshop

October 28

2nd Workshop

November 11

3rd Workshop

December 9

4th Workshop

January 20


January 27-28


Since 2014, MUNICT has provided insights of the dynamics within the United Nations’ organs, programmes, and specialized agencies.

Students who are part of the Secretariat and Committee Chairs, along with those who have an outstanding performance as delegates, are invited to represent the Instituto Cultural Tampico in INTERMUN, the Jesuit High School Model United Nations in Mexico every Spring.

Feel free to browse through the photos below and have a glimpse of MUNICT and INTERMUN  throughout the years.